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Rachel Ambats

Attorney at Law

Rachel Ambats, Esq., Attorney for the Children.

Rachel Ambats is the Attorney at Law for The Law Offices of Rachel Ambats. She also is a Hearing Officer for the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. Rachel is passionate about helping better the lives of children, and their families, and has made it the focus of her legal career.

Education and Early Career

Rachel Ambats attended Cornell University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1999. During her time at the university, Rachel was part of the Dean’s scholar program. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Rachel Ambats went on to teach at New York City Public Schools. She was responsible for teaching classes of 25 students ranging from kindergarten to the fifth grade. As a teacher, she was able to develop excellent leadership skills.

In October of 1999, after graduating from Cornell, Rachel Ambats began working in law as a Contract Legal Assistant for Legal Support Personnel in NY. Rachel assisted in trial preparation by reviewing memorandums of law and deposition transcripts and compiled files for cases for many different firms. She worked in this role throughout her time as a teacher and during law school as well.

While working as a teacher, Rachel decided to work toward becoming a lawyer. She attended Brooklyn Law School and graduated with the class of 2007. During her years at Brooklyn Law School, Rachel Ambats was a Research Assistant where she was responsible for multiple different projects. One project was to research and perform a comparative analysis on death penalty statutes on a state by state basis.

Rachel Ambats: Attorney

Once Rachel received her Juris Doctor, she officially began her law career. In 2008, Rachel worked for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services as a Trial Attorney, Level III. She was able to use the skills that she had learned from her previous roles while she was responsible for the supervision of Attorney Interns and Level I Attorneys with the preparation of cases for trial. She continued to work with children to help them succeed in multiple aspects of their lives.

In this role, she worked with different groups and organizations to better the lives of children in multiple different ways. She worked with Child Protective Specialists and Managers to achieve expedited permanency for children in foster care and developed programs that were created to reduce juvenile recidivism rates. Rachel spent about seven years working as a Trial Attorney before deciding to move into a different role.

In 2015, Rachel Ambats became a Litigation Attorney for the firm Wingate, Kearney & Cullen, LLP. She litigated complex civil cases in Federal and State Court and in administrative proceedings involving a broad range of subject matter which had allowed Rachel to expand her knowledge and experience. At this firm, Rachel worked on cases involving employment discrimination, sexual abuse, breach of contract, real estate closing, educational rights for children in private schools, and more.  

Rachel continued to expand her experience advocating for and helping children at a different law firm. In March of 2017, Rachel Ambats began working for the Law Offices of James M. Abramson as a Litigation Associate. She acted as an advocate for children in foster care with disabilities.

In December 2017, Rachel opened The Law Office of Rachel Ambats in Brooklyn. She offers outsourcing services to small to mid-sized firms for legal writing, research, editing, and review. As the Attorney at Law, Rachel consults with her clients to review each case and determine the best legal strategy. Rachel is also the Hearing Officer for the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. She is responsible for conducting hearings involving violations of local laws and rules of the City of New York. Rachel has been the Hearing Officer for one year.