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Video Conference

Business meetings are highly essential in helping facilitate day-to-day operations of any workplace. Technologies such as video conferencing make it possible to virtualize meetings while giving them a near-actual touch. Whereas the use of video conferencing has been such a revolutionary idea that facilitates business meetings in the workplace, the tech tool is not suitable for all circumstances. Here are some reasons as to why you may want to switch from video conferencing to a phone call during business meetings.

When You Are Providing Coaching Tips

The use of a video conferencing may be unsuitable in cases where you are providing coaching tips to the other person. The fact that video conferencing allows anyone within the vicinity of the conferencing room to hear and see what is being communicated makes it unsuitable for relaying such vital tips that are essential for personal performance in the workplace. Besides, one may also need to relay some other business secrets which should not be availed to passersby. In such cases, one may be prompted to use a telephone call as it ensures peer-to-peer communication while eliminating the prospects of third-parties hearing the conversation.

When Conversing Distressing and Negative Information

Sometimes, the subject of conversation during such communication is ordinarily negative and of distressing nature. In such cases, it is prudent not to use the video conferencing channel which does not observe the necessary level of privacy. Delivering distressing information that may lead to an adverse psychological effect upon the other party needs one to take due diligence and use a channel, such as a phone call, that ensures personal privacy. Mobile communication eliminates the physical aspect of how that party responds to the news.

When Discussing Topics With Details That Should Be Suppressed

Some topics that may be conversed over remote channels of communication are required to be suppressed as much as possible. Cases, for example, where a manager needs to scold or get rebuked over performance issues should be handled in such a way that excludes other members of the workforce and organization. It helps to maintain the necessary level of integrity and respect for each other in the workplace.